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Decoupled Drupal: Webhooks Vs. APIs

APIs and webhooks both offer their own advantages. An efficient application should make the best of both worlds and use a combined approach.

API Testing with Postman: Part 3

In this part of the API testing series, we’ll discuss the Newman CLI tool, which is helpful for developers and testers when running API calls and collections in the command line.

API Testing with Postman: Part 2

In this part, we discuss how to make dynamic API calls. This would be helpful with API testing via Postman.

Drupal 8: #attached - Part 2

Part 2 of a two-part series—taking a close look at the #attached property of render arrays in Drupal 8.

Drupal 8: #attached - Part 1

Part 1 of a two-part series—taking a close look at the #attached property of render arrays in Drupal 8.

Save Memory By Using PHP Generators

For PHP developers, knowing how to use PHP features effectively can help save time while iterating over huge data chunks. Here's how.

Drupal 8: Inline Form Errors

Default HTML form validation errors are not always easily readable in Drupal 8. The Inline Form Errors (IFE) module helps improve their usability and accessibility.

Visual Regression Testing Using Wraith And CircleCI

Visual regression testing tools allow us to automate tests, eliminate visual bugs and release with confidence. Here's how to set up Wraith and integrate it with CircleCI.

Drupal 8: Service Decorators

A deep dive into the kind of issues Service Decorators—a feature provided by Symfony—can solve, and how to implement them.

How To Speed Things Up With Behat Commands

Behat makes behavior-driven development (BDD) possible. And BDD changes your entire development process for the better. Here are some useful Behat commands that help speed up execution.

Automated Testing With Behat: Part 2

The Mink library allows users to automate user interaction with the browser. Here's how to install Mink with Behat.

Automated Testing With Behat: Part 1

Behat is a PHP testing framework that can be used to automate acceptance tests and identify regression bugs close to their point of introduction. Here's how to get started with automated testing using Behat.