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Mar 25, 2023 | 2 Minute Read

Axelerant Wins India's Best Workplaces In Health And Wellness Award

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Great Place To Work® has certified Axelerant as among India’s 40 Best Workplaces in Health & Wellness. 

The study represented the voice of almost 1 million workers across 18 industries on Workplace Wellness IndexTM — the benchmark for India Inc. to create a culture of holistic wellbeing.

“I’m happy about the recognition. It’s great to see our efforts and intentions to create a happy, productive, people-centric workplace getting recognized,” said Ankur Gupta, CEO of Axelerant.


How Was The Survey Conducted?

Great Place To Work® identified the 40 best workplaces in India based on a comprehensive assessment of organization policies and feedback from team members.

Each organization is evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Health and wellness benefits
  • Amenities 
  • Leave or time off
  • Grievance redressal
  • How wellness initiatives support business
  • Responsible leadership
  • Supportive managers 
  • Sense of community
  • Fulfillment and autonomy 
  • Enabling work environment

Team members individually and confidentially participated in the Workplace Wellness IndexTM survey to share their opinions on topical questions.

This validation process, directly from the team members—without any interference—provided a clear picture of how psychologically and emotionally healthy the workplace is.

Workplace Wellness IndexTM — measured through employee feedback—was given 70% weight in the evaluation, and the rest 30% fell on evaluating practices for holistic well-being.

There was no jury or manual intervention in identifying the best workplaces.

Axelerant receives Best Workplace Award

About Great Place To Work

Great Place To Work® is the global authority on building, sustaining and recognizing High-Trust, High-Performance CultureTM at workplaces. 

They serve businesses, non-profits, and government agencies in over 60 countries. Since 1992, they have surveyed over 100 million employees worldwide—to define what makes a great workplace.

Axelerant promotes career and personal growth

Axelerant Is Also One Of India’s Best Workplaces

On February 8, 2023, Axelerant was also certified as among India’s Best Workplaces by Great Place To Work®.

The survey combined analysis of Axelerant’s policies and practices and feedback from team members.

They rank organizations based on the following parameters:

  • Trust
  • Maximizing human potential
  • Values
  • Leadership effectiveness 
  • Innovation by all team members
  • Great workplace for women 

Why Does Axelerant Invest In Health And Wellness?

Axelerant believes in empowering and putting people (team members and customers) first. 

"When our people are happy and content, it reflects in their work and lives, too," said Ankur.



That's why we invest in a host of benefits for our team members, crafted to help them lead more fulfilling lives.

Axelerant's core values of Openness, Enthusiasm, and, most importantly, Kindness create a culture of trust and psychological safety.

Our culture enables every team member—from a director raising a child and caring for her ailing husband to an enthusiastic engineer reunited with his son because of 100% remote work—to work from a space of love and contentment.


"We will continue to improve our culture and find ways to support our people in ways that matter to them," Ankur said.

Axelerant promotes career and personal growth
About the Author
Rohit Ganguly, Content Marketer
About the Author

Rohit Ganguly, Content Marketer

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