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Oct 10, 2021 | 6 Minute Read

Axelerant Team Member Benefits: What & Why

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As long as AI doesn’t take over the world completely, companies will continue to rely on people.

How well these people—who are the company—live will directly affect their quality of work. It always has. 

According to Metlife, 76% of workers and 81% of employers say that when work and life enrich each other, everybody wins.

Yet, very few companies make the effort to become people-centric.

We have an “unfair” advantage over them. To us, people matter.

We take care of our people by assisting them to the best of our abilities (often going out of our way), which includes special benefits and allowances.

#1 Flexible Work Hours

#2 Childcare Allowance

#3 Health And Wellness Allowance

#4 Computing Device Assistance

#5 Insurance For Family Members

#6 Annual Continuing Education Allowance

#7 Monthly Coworking Stipend & Home Office Setup

#8 Life Event Gifts

#9 Team Meet-Ups Allowance

#10 Event Sponsorship

#11 Gratuity and Provident Fund

Before you proceed, let’s clear these three questions.

👉 Are these benefits coming out of the compensation package we promised you?

No, they aren’t. Axelerant bears the cost of these benefits.

👉 Why are employees mentioned as ‘team members?’

We avoid referring to people who work at Axelerant with terms such as ‘employees,’ ‘talent,’ ‘resources,’ etc. 

Addressing employees as ‘team members’ brings a sense of equality, where the CEO and the intern are peers.

👉  Are these benefits permanent?

No, they aren’t. 

In fact, most of the benefit allowances were increased considerably in spring, 2024. Some were tweaked to empower our people better.

These changes aren’t arbitrary. 

We listen to team members through regular feedback. Most of these benefits were suggested by the team.

Basic Axelerant Benefits


  • Equal, competitive salaries: We pay competitively based on skills and experience, which is transparent to everyone within the company, ensuring fairness and transparency. Industry salaries are monitored annually.
  • Consolidated leave: All team members are eligible for 40 days of consolidated leave annually, effective immediately from their start date. Additionally, there are special provisions such as ‘Force Majeure Leave,’ ‘Kindness Leave,’ etc., for emergencies.
  • Maternity leave: A pregnant person is eligible for a 26-weeks maternity leave within India, and 16 weeks elsewhere (based on their country’s legal rules).
  • Adoption leave: A person who legally adopts a child below the age of two years is entitled to Maternity Leave for 12 weeks starting a week before the child's arrival.
  • Referrals: Axelerant will pay 2% of the annual gross salary of a referred person permanently hired.

You aren’t interested in reading about these primary benefits, are you? 

Your current workplace probably provides all of these. Yeah, these are just the basics—the least any organization can do for its people. 

Now, we move on to the most appreciated, team-wide surveyed benefits at Axelerant.


#1 Flexible Work Hours

Everyone at Axelerant can design their workday as per their own convenience, keeping a minimum of 2 hours of overlap with peers.

This allows team members to be the architect of their time. 

You can go hiking during breaks, pick your children up from school, or take a power nap after a long meeting without worrying about the 'ping' from your laptop. 

Communicate your work timings to your peers beforehand, and you're all set! 

If you’re interested, here’s how Axelerant Director of Global Delivery, Hetal Mistry used this benefit to win professionally, while tackling a challenging time in her life.

Axelerant Work from home comment


#2 Childcare Allowance

Raising children is as rewarding as it is challenging.

In fall 2021, Axelerant began assisting team members with childcare allowance to support parents and guardians with younger kids towards expenses incurred for a daycare center or a nanny. 

We will reimburse childcare expenses up to INR 5,000/ USD 100 per month per child up to and including 5 years old.

Vishakha embracing her son

#3 Health And Wellness Allowance

A remote work culture, when done wrong, may cause lethargy.

It’s easier to fall prey to a sedentary lifestyle working from home. And lack of physical activity can cause a host of problems: low energy, diseases, mental health issues, etc. 

It may also hamper people's productivity.

Hamid cycling in mountains

That's why we introduced the fitness allowance to encourage our team members to take good care of their health and live an active life full of energy and vitality. 

You can read some of the fitness journeys of our team members here

Axelerant will reimburse up to INR 18,000/250 USD annually for you to pick your preferred way to stay fit physically and psychologically. 

You can spend this allowance on fitness gear, gym or studio membership, digital subscriptions, or any activity you do to relieve stress.

We will foot 75% of the bill so that people feel personally invested in their fitness goals by contributing the remaining 25%.



#4 Computing Device Assistance

At Axelerant, we provide you with a fully paid device best suited to your role—a little something to make your journey with us even smoother. 

Usually that’s either a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro. We also provide other devices, like phones or tablets, when relevant to your role.

These devices, handpicked for you, becomes yours to keep after you've been with us for three years.

Axelerant BYOD Benefit

Plus, every team member is eligible to change the device when required with peer or leadership vetting. 

When do you get the new device? The moment you sign our offer letter, we place a device order for you from our end. 

We strive to get our team members ready with their cool new devices from the first day.

#5 Insurance For Family Members

We provide medical insurance cover for all team members and their immediate family, including parents.

Axelerant’s medical insurance benefit covers the team member, the spouse, up to two kids and parents. 

The insurance of 200,000 INR is allocated between the team member and their family for a year. Plus, we also have an additional maternity benefit of up to 50,000 INR for the first two children. 

Many companies have group or corporate insurance policies that cover only the team members, or in some cases, their spouses, too. 

People have to pay an additional amount to register their parents under the insurance cover. And paying this extra premium for parents is not easily possible for everyone, because the higher the age, the greater the premium.

Axelerant Health Insurance Benefit

We assist with claims over the phone, online chat, or WhatsApp for quick and timely communication and processing, giving our team members a seamless experience.

We have recently introduced additional benefits like annual health check-ups, telemedicine facilities, and wellness programs by tying up with our health partners.

#6 Annual Continuing Education Allowance

We’ll cover up to 2% of your annual salary annually for taking classes, obtaining certifications beyond mandatory, or buying books to further your capabilities.

Additionally, Axelerant will reimburse up to 13,000 INR/$130 USD for a reading device like the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite under this category.

Every department at Axelerant has a set of mandatory certifications to be acquired by team members. For example, the mandatory certifications for Drupal developers include certifications from Acquia up to Advanced Level Test Manager. 

Using this benefit, you can opt for certifications to upskill yourself, try out and master new domains, or simply enjoy learning all the latest developments in your field.


Plus, software subscription reimbursements are also covered under this benefit.

If you need additional software that will help you work better, let us know.  



Mentors, managers, and performance coaches always push people to enhance their skills, and this benefit proves to be a perfect aid.

#7 Monthly Coworking Stipend & Home Office Setup

Axelerant will pay up to INR 12000/USD 200 monthly towards renting a co-working space.

And. . .

We will reimburse one-time purchases of INR 45000/USD 500 needed to create a comfortable work environment within your existing home structure.

With a distributed team relishing the remote work culture, the space our team members call their office matter to us. 

Some team members prefer to be at home with their family. Some prefer a cafe, or a co-working space for extra calmness when working.



Whatever your choice, Axelerant supports you.

Four out of 5 new team members use the home office setup assistance.

#8 Life Event Gifts

We don’t know about you, but at Axelerant, we like to celebrate things big and small. 

Every life event important to you, is equally important to us. 

From birthdays and service anniversaries to marriages and childbirth, you can expect rewards and gifts from us! Don’t worry, even if you forget, we won’t.

Life Event Gifts

#9 Team Meet-Ups Allowance

Working in a permanently remote company, the chances of seeing your peers in person are slim.

Some elements that help create genuine relationships at work—impromptu conversations, spontaneous fun moments, discussing life's challenges—can be difficult to have.

To ensure team members have those rewarding experiences, we have the team meet-up allowance.

Every team member is eligible for a monthly meet-up allowance of INR 1200/USD 25 USD, or INR 2000/USD 40 when accompanied by a family member. 

Have multiple guests joining the meet-up? We will up the ante by footing INR 2500/USD 50 of the total bill.

You can catch up with people living in your city over the weekends. Go trekking, try out a new restaurant, watch the latest movie — try anything that screams fun to you and your peers.



#10 Event Sponsorship

Team members submit their sessions to various relevant events worldwide, like Drupal Conferences, Acquia Engage, Salesforce World Tour, etc. 

When your participation is mutually beneficial to you and Axelerant, and your session gets accepted, we will fully sponsor you for international and domestic events.

Well, this benefit isn’t exactly unique to us. 

But what’s exclusive to Axelerant is the way our mentors and managers push their team members to actively look for conferences and events to attend each year that will benefit their work.



#11 Gratuity and Provident Fund

We care about your financial stability. 

Axelerant contributes INR 1800 monthly towards your provident fund account to secure your future after retirement.

We grant team members who have completed five years of uninterrupted continuous service gratuity as defined under the incumbent Payment Of Gratuity Act 1972. It is calculated monthly at 4.81% of your basic salary.

If your service gets interrupted on account of sickness, accident, leave, or any other reason that may not be your fault, you will still be eligible for gratuity.  

Why Isn’t Remote Work Mentioned In The List?

Well, because remote work isn’t a benefit. It’s a part of our culture. 

That’s how we work at Axelerant—since a decade before COVID-19. With a stable Internet connection you can work from anywhere that suits you. 

No wasting 5-6 hours a day of time and energy on the commute. You can spend that same time working on your well-being and growth. Just chill if you feel like it. 

That’s why a healthy work-life balance is a big contributing element towards job satisfaction. 

The benefits mentioned above are just a few of the many efforts Axelerant takes towards their team members' well-being.



Which benefit do you most appreciate at your current company?

If you are planning to apply at Axelerant, or have already applied, which benefit are you excited about?

Drop a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

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