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Jul 7, 2023 | 2 Minute Read

Axelerant Spy Reports: Leaked?!

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I see you have stumbled across this page.

It probably means you're curious to know—what the heck is Axelerant Spy Reports?

Let's jump right in. 

Ask me what you want to know.

What do you mean by "Spy Reports"?

It's a curious name. I agree.

The Axelerant Spy Reports is a story collection that goes straight to your email inbox. Once you subscribe to it, of course.

Axelerant Spy Reports email heading in inbox

Interesting. What is it about?

You see, there is this spy within Axelerant. 

Nobody really knows how they look in real life. Or what their role in the company is. 

The spy snoops around in the deep alleys of this 100% remote organization. 

Not a whisper goes amiss from them.

Vivek warning about the spy snooping around

Rummaging through secret documents and conversations.

And they collect only the choicest of stories for their secret report.

Stories of:

👉 Inside job openings

👉 Little wins and losses, of people and projects

👉 Clandestine inside events

👉 Quirky incidents

The real culture of Axelerant is laid bare for your eyes. And judgment.

(Since I feel that I can trust you, on our first meeting on the Internet no less, I'll let you in on a secret: I. Am. The. Spy.)

Very good. But why would I want to read it, though?

That's something you'll have to decide for yourself.

I can give you three good reasons:

👉 They go perfectly with a cup of coffee 

👉 They give you a direct glimpse of what working at Axelerant feels like

👉 And they capture why work culture is important (indirectly, don't expect a sermon)

Maybe, you'll realize that positive, supportive work environments do exist. 

Where people want what's best for you. Invest in your growth and well-being. 



Appreciation for the newsletter from team member

Who is it really for?

Anybody interested in a fun read—once a month.

Or anybody who fits into any or all of these groups:

👉 You're fixing to join Axelerant, but you need to know if this is the right place for you

👉 You want to see what a 100% remote culture—that's among India's certified best workplaces—looks like

👉 You're simply keeping a tab on our latest job openings

👉 You're spying on Axelerant second-hand, from the work of another spy

You may have a completely different reason to sign up. And that's cool, too.

When you subscribe to the newsletter, don't hold back from sharing what made you join.

How did you come up with this weird idea?


I've seen many people genuinely interested to know about a workplace that went completely remote a decade before Covid-19 struck.

People often ask: how does it all work? 

This "report" is the answer to that question. In a unique format.

You'll find resources on Axelerant that explore how it all works, how they went remote, what tools they use, etc.

But technicalities of daily functions or chronicles of past decisions don't show the present reality.

This newsletter captures how a completely remote workplace cultivates a strong culture and bonding among its people.


Tell me the truth, what’s the hidden angle?

To recruit you into the spy network, of course.

And to entertain and inform you.

Entertain with quirky tales from the office, like The Office. And inform about a culture that claims to be people-centric.

Sure, if you relate with Axelerant's core values of Openness, Enthusiasm, and Kindness and are interested in joining, we would love to connect with you.

Can I become a spy, too, if I join?

You can become an honorary spy. 

To become a real spy, you'd first have to pass, with flying colors, from The International Spy Dis-Association of Losty-Land.

It's simply impossible. But you may try.

When do I get this secret report?

You get it delivered nice and fresh on the third Monday of every month. 

Hey, it’s free, right?

Nothing is free, my friend.

Except for this story collection.

Yeah, this is free.

You better send that report soon!

You bet.

See you on the other side.

Spy walking with the dog


About the Author
Rohit Ganguly, Content Marketer
About the Author

Rohit Ganguly, Content Marketer

Rohit is a content marketer first and a YouTuber second. He loves to interact with animals, feed them, clean his apartment, and spend time with friends and family. Curious by nature, he also enjoys literature, movies, meditation, and calligraphy.

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