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How We Operate As a Remote Team: “People” Vs. “Resources”

Yes, working as a remote team is about setting up the right processes and structures, using the right tools, and hiring the right kind of people. But there’s more to it than that.

How Axelerant became an ISO certified organization

This is what our journey towards becoming an ISO certified organization looked like. Here’s how we did it and what we’ve gained.

Being a Digital Nomad

What does it mean to be a digital nomad? Here's my synopsis from 10 years of being a vagabond.

Our Going Remote Story: How We Made It Happen

Building empowered, connected, and successful distributed teams takes commitment. This is how we began working remotely at Axelerant.

5 Reasons Why Remote Work Challenges Are The Worst

Remote work challenges aren’t solely organizational. And you can take it from me, I’m a Life Coach working on a virtual team, striving to better my colleagues’ daily lives and their remote work experi