Agile + DevOps

We help agencies increase agility, reduce delivery cycle times, ultimately resulting in better software, greater market differentiation, and enhanced competitiveness.

Cloud Migration & Adoption

We help agency teams move their end-clients to the cloud with a time-tested DevOps operating model. Axelerant provides support and experienced guidance through migration.

Docker & Container Platforms

We assist you as you bring clients to container-based application delivery, deployment, and orchestration to speed up development cycles.

DevSecOps & Continuous Security

Axelerant can equip technical staff with the skills and resources needed to instil DevSecOps practices into their software delivery pipeline, securing infrastructure and application.

Infrastructure Automation

Get help eliminating the manual work involved in provisioning infrastructure for your clients. Minimize erroneous changes and facilitate faster and reliable deployment with our support.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda & Serverless

After studying the application stack, Axelerant can help your clients explore whether moving toward serverless computing makes sense and we’ll identify the best to go about it.

Performance Engineering

Our team can hone in on bottlenecks within your application and identify solutions, optimizing application performance and minimizing downtime.

Cloud-Native Application Development

We can help design, build, deploy, and run reliable, scalable, and cost-effective cloud native applications for your client portfolio.

Application Modernization & Remediation

We help agencies to modernize architecture, cleaning up technical debt and introducing new automation.

Key Lifecycle Practices

Continuous Integration

Allows for the code to be integrated frequently and in small increments. As code changes are made, they are compiled, and auto tested.


Continuous Testing

Uses techniques such as test automation, and service virtualization to allow comprehensive testing to be performed on every change made. The same tests can be run perpetually in production to provide semantic monitoring of application functionality and performance.


Continuous Delivery

Helps IT shift from batch to real time releases where small changes (e.g., a single fix or enhancement) are made, assured, and deployed individually. System change becomes the norm.

Support For Starting End-Clients With DevOps


During this phase, we assess capabilities, processes, and technologies. We focus on identifying existing challenges and gaps, as well as identifying options for automation for standardization.


We begin this phase with feasibility and effectiveness checks through proof-of-concepts and pilot runs to understand impact. After these checks, we roll to process improvements and automate.

Monitoring & Maintenance

This is ongoing. We set up a DevOps dashboard to follow activities and the project status. We monitor defined SLAs and KPIs using continuous improvement plans and governance models.